• procurement leaders, bid writing experts and, most of all, passionate small business owners…

We’ve been where you are now. We know how daunting breaking into the public sector can seem so we use our combined decades of expertise in public sector procurement, bid writing, entrepreneurship, training and the nitty-gritty of running a small/medium enterprise to help your organisation succeed in winning business from the public sector.

We believe that the more the public sector works with SMEs/VCSEs – the better for us all From more money going into our local economy and job creation, to smaller organisations growing and becoming more successful and the public sector fulfilling its commitment to supporting local enterprise – when SMEs/VCSEs understand how to succeed in gaining public sector contracts, we all win.

The Go4Growth Programme is a fully funded service for small/medium enterprise (SME), voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises (VCSE).

The programme’s core purpose is to help smaller organisations develop the skills and confidence to grow their business and win public sector contracts.

We help, guide and support your organisation in a number of ways, including through our self-service software platform providing access to tools, support, training and guidance, our virtual training events and 1-2-1 support and mentoring.

Our mission

To create a level and equitable playing field that allows all businesses to access public sector work

Our manifesto

Our mission is social; we are ambitious and want to change the world through procurement.

Our team

Find out about us, our experience and how we can help you.

We’re for small businesses

There’s never been a better time to explore the possibility of working in the public sector. We know that this can feel like a daunting prospect – there’s bid writing, deadlines and seemingly endless hoops to jump through. But we’re here to help. Our extensive experience on both sides of the table – in procurement and as small business owners – means we know exactly what you need to do to win those lucrative contracts.

Our services are fully funded by the public sector – which means they’re 100% free to use for your organisation.

We’re for the public sector

We can help you fulfil the ethical, social and financial requirements of your public sector procurement.

We work with you from the planning phase and initial advertisement, through to the implementation of your specific contract allocation protocols, including meeting your social value and social responsibility targets.

Be part of transforming public sector procurement

The need to support and develop local economies and to enable smaller organisations to gain resilience has never been more important. Working with Go4Growth also helps your organisation:

• Meet SME and VCSE spend targets

• Increase the diversity of your local supply chain

• Deliver social value

• Simulate innovation and improve value for money

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What our clients say

  • Office Odyssey is a family run business and one of the U.K.’s leading suppliers of Epson’s sustainable inkjet technology. We are a social enterprise, with at least 51% of profits going onto creating work for people with autism and other barriers to work.

    We found challenges in accessing public sector contracts, as some are flagged as not suitable for VCSEs and we were not entirely clear on what policies and procedures we needed to have in place to be successful in the tender process. The Go4Growth Tool is an excellent tool that helped guide us through the maze to ultimate success,. iIt’s well presented and contains lots of information and resources we now use to improve our tenders.

    Office Odyssey

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