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Go4Growth will help you meet your SME and VCSE spend targets on time, increase the diversity in your local supply chain, deliver social value, support the local economy and stimulate innovation.

We know that some suppliers are struggling to access your public sector opportunities and that you might be struggling with diversification – Go4Growth bridges the gap, providing the practical skills and tools required to enable sustainable growth on both sides.

A more diverse and competitive marketplace enables the public sector to choose from the best of the best and our programme is designed to help businesses become more robust and help the public sector identify who is eligible for work. Our Public Sector Supply Ready accreditation acts as an industry indicator to let you know which suppliers meet our standards.

Increase diversity in your supply chain, meet spend targets and deliver social value

Go4Growth exists to help public sector procurement teams identify and develop long-term relationships with local organisations – we’ll keep you up to date with marketplace intelligence and analysis regarding the current issues and barriers that SME and VCSE organisations identify.

We want you to consider us an extension of your work force, there to provide valuable support and insight, personalised guidance and tailored training events delivered by our team of experienced experts.

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You can start creating social, economic, and local impact with our procurement services for just 19% of the average UK professional's salary, or use our project-by-project service to drive change in any particular area.

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Feedback from our public sector clients

  • The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council have chosen to work with Go4Growth on developing diversity and inclusion in all our supply base across the city to maximise the positive impacts of business and local economic development. We see this as an important route to helping businesses gain additional skills and knowledge to be able to find and secure work both inside and outside of the Bradford area.

    The Go4Growth team is an important partnership for us in helping deliver our procurement strategy and in supporting our focus on how we work to secure a better long-term future for the district, its people, its communities and its businesses. Bradford Council is committed to delivering socially responsible, sustainable procurement and to developing relationships with the market to ensure that supply chains are rich in talent and diversity and that the public sector is accessible to all. We see working with Go4Growth as an important enabler in achieving that.

    Head of Procurement, Finance, IT & Procurement Service

    Bradford Council

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