Training events for Small/Medium Enterprise and Third Sector organisations

Virtual webinars and training events to help your SME/VCSE organisation succeed in public service bids Our training events are fully funded by our public sector clients, meaning they’re freely available to you and your organisation.


Procurement Act 2023

27 June 2024, 9:30 AM

As we prepare for the Act to come into force in October 2024, we reflect on updates from the Government on how we are preparing both procurement and providers for the new procurement environment.

We'll take a look at the knowledge drops and training so far for providers, reflecting on preparation for the new regulations. As we learn more about big changes such as the Central Digital System and the new notices required as well as how popular products such as Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) change, we'll give practical guidance and updates on what to expect.


Writing Policies for Public Sector Work

09 July 2024, 10:00 AM

At this session we'll give an overview of basic policies required by the public sector generally and by sector (such as construction, IT, professional services, health & care etc).

We will also explore how to get on the front foot policy wise, where to get good quality templates and how to ensure policy improves how your businesses works and reflects your values and operations.


Social Value for Procurement & Commissioners

18 July 2024, 9:30 AM

A journey through social value for procurement, looking at how to table it well in tenders and how to ensure that you get what you ask for and avoid over promises from the market. We'll take a look at how social value can be contract managed and measured using social meaurement as well as financial.

At this workshop we'll also give insights into marketplace feedback on the challenges and opportunities of social value, discussing how we can maximise social impact and harness the talent and capability of the market.

We'll include carbon reduction and sustainability as part of the Social Value discussion.


Finding Opportunities in the Public Sector

17 September 2024, 10:00 AM

Providers often tell us that it can be really difficult to find the right opportunities in the public sector. There are lots of portals and different search engines so knowing where to start can be a challenge in its own right.

At this workshop, Lauren from Go4Growth will give an overview of who the public sector is, what they buy and importantly, how they buy goods and services.

We'll go through some of the main portals to show you which portals are used in what geographical areas or by which public sector organisations.

We will also cover how to search using Contracts Finder, the free government-hosted database of public sector opportunities as well as the Find A Tender Service. We'll also take a look forward to the new regulations and what will change in relation to advertising opportunities

In addition, we'll cover some of the other ways that the public sector engages with the provider marketplace discussing things like Meet the Buyer events and why they can be a great place for providers to build relationships with potential customers and how social media is beginning to change how the public sector advertises opportunities.

As always there will be lots of time for questions and discussion and we hope to see lots of providers from all sectors come and join us.


Procurement Act 2023

24 September 2024, 9:30 AM

There is lots of information and guidance being developed for providers and buyers on the Procurement Act 2023 and this will become more prevalent as the Act comes into force in October 2024.

As this event takes place a little over a month prior to the regulations being in place (28th October) we'll cover the main changes to areas such as:

Notices - what do the public sector have to publish and when?

Frameworks & Dynamic Markets - how do they differ from current Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems?

Debarment - What does this mean and how will it work?

Supplier measurement & contract management - Understanding the expectations from public sector to suppliers

Removing barriers for SMEs - what duties are placed on public sector to support accessibility of opportunities for SMEs

Social Value - What does the procurement Act expect or encourage under social value?

This workshop should be useful for both buyers and suppliers.


Bid Skills Workshop (1/2 Day)

08 October 2024, 9:30 AM

A deeper dive into public sector procurement processes for general goods and services, with practical examples of a typical public sector procurement. We'll look at how to work through the stages of a public procurement, including the standard selection questionnaire and draft responses on quality questions, social value, carbon reduction and maximise chances of success.

In this interactive workshop we'll draft answers to some sample quality and social value questions and score them according to the answers we write. We'll discuss our scores based on the specification and evaluation criteria and discuss any improvements we could make.

We'll go through some live examples of answers that have scored top marks and those that have missed out.

What our clients say…

  • The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council have chosen to work with Go4Growth on developing diversity and inclusion in all our supply base across the city to maximise the positive impacts of business and local economic development. We see this as an important route to helping businesses gain additional skills and knowledge to be able to find and secure work both inside and outside of the Bradford area.

    The Go4Growth team is an important partnership for us in helping deliver our procurement strategy and in supporting our focus on how we work to secure a better long-term future for the district, its people, its communities and its businesses. Bradford Council is committed to delivering socially responsible, sustainable procurement and to developing relationships with the market to ensure that supply chains are rich in talent and diversity and that the public sector is accessible to all. We see working with Go4Growth as an important enabler in achieving that.

    Ian Westlake

    Head of Procurement, Finance, IT & Procurement Service, Bradford Council

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