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Public Sector Supply Ready (PSSR) status is available from Go4Growth for SME and VCSE business providers who want to tackle public sector grants and bids and to gain an accreditation that demonstrates supply ready status. You might be starting out on the journey to becoming supply ready or using PSSR as a means of testing your readiness.

Whether you are a supplier or a public sector organisation wanting to attract the best local providers but unsure who is ready, PSSR status acts as an industry indicator to show which businesses have achieved the required standard.

To gain PSSR status, we ask suppliers to complete the Standard Selection Questionnaire and ten statements to evidence that they have the tools in place and the knowledge and understanding of processes to work with the public sector. Where there may be gaps, Go4Growth provides training, events, tailored content and support to help businesses reach the next stage.

Gaining PSSR status is a fully supported process and is completely free.

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I’m a supplier, why do I need PSSR status?

The benefits of gaining PSSR status is twofold: firstly, it indicates to procurers and commissioners that you are in a position to bid for work from the public sector and have invested in your capability to prepare for the process; secondly, going through the PSSR process gives you the opportunity to ask for help where you might need it, for example, if you’re struggling to put policies and procedures in place and help to brush up on areas of the business that you are unsure of.

Put your business at the forefront of the search and secure a differentiating PSSR badge for your business showing that you are Public Sector Supply Ready.

Is it really free?

Yes, it really is free to all suppliers. We are subsidised by the public sector – which is why they are also keen to see suppliers gaining PSSR status.

I’m a public sector organisation, how does PSSR status help me?

Working closely with public sector organisations, we know that one of the challenges for procurement staff is identifying suppliers who are ready and able to take on work - PSSR status is a clear and simple identifier that businesses are ready to work. Additionally, public sector investment into this initiative helps to increase the quality and quantity of SME and VCSE applications.

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