"We’d had a tendency to think it was too complicated and too resource intensive to invest in."

Cistor is a leading digital technology solutions provider and has been helping businesses maximise their technology investments since 2009.

The team are experts in designing, implementing and supporting technology solutions for businesses; from SMEs to huge international projects. By breaking the tasks into "manageable chunks" they learned invaluable lessons...

What they had to say

  • Using the Go4Growth platform has really helped us focus on public procurement as an opportunity. We’d had a tendency to think it was too complicated and too resource-intensive to invest in. By breaking the tasks into manageable chunks, we have been able to set deadlines. The advice on networking, meet-the-buyer forums and the links to pipeline updates were also really valuable

    Cistor, Sustainable IT solutions

About the business

Cistor’s unique position in the market, (as Cisco’s largest European Circular Economy partner), means that they independently review technology solutions. They offer service solutions that extend the life of your current assets and include remanufactured solutions alongside new. This blended solution keeps IT equipment in use for longer, which benefits clients’ operational costs and our planet. Alongside this, the team decommission outgoing technology aligned to circular economy principles.

Why they got involved with Go4Growth

Cistor had worked with some public sector organisations in the past, most notably NHS hospitals, a local council and a couple of universities. With many local councils declaring a Climate and Ecological Emergency, Cistor wanted to change the narrative on waste. IT waste hasn’t really been on the radar for many, yet IT waste should be reframed as IT resource- there’s a huge amount of plastic and rare earth minerals in IT equipment that is just too good to waste. Cistor's remanufactured IT solution provides costs savings and planetary savings. Their challenge was reaching out to those in public procurement - so using the Go4Growth tools helped to spread their message that remanufactured is safe, legitimate and cheaper.

How can Go4Growth help your business?

Go4Growth is a fully funded service – free to user – working to connect the public sector with SMEs and VCSEs.

Go4Growth offers support, mentoring and training to small businesses in Barnsley who want to expand through public sector contracts.

We offer 1-2-1 support as well as free to access webinars and training, taking you through every aspect of working with the public sector from finding opportunities through to submitting your successful bid.

We’ll help you:

• Find and identify opportunities

• Ensure your policy environment is up to scratch

• Promote your organisation

• Develop partnerships and consortia where applicable

• Ensure you have the correct accreditation if necessary

• Prepare your winning bid

• We also offer a unique, self-service support platform which allows you to identify areas for improvement in your business to help you fulfil your growth ambitions..

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