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We’re procurement leaders, bid writing and sustainability experts, entrepreneurs and, most of all, passionate small business owners who recognise the challenges businesses face when working with the public sector. Our experience means that we’ve been where you are now – we know how daunting breaking into the public sector can seem – trying to find work, win work and keep it can be exhausting and often demoralising if you haven’t got the tools in place to help.

Our services are fully funded by the public sector which means they’re 100% free to use – forever - for your organisation.

Whether you’re a micro business, SME or VCSE, we know you’ll have different skills, experience and requirements and so we fully tailor and personalise our time with you. We won’t leave you until you’re completely confident that you and your teams are ready to enter the procurement process. And even then, we’ll still be on hand to offer advice and support anytime you need it, all completely free of charge.

Have a look around the Go4Growth platform in the video below and when you're ready, register online or get in touch.

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Barnsley Council: Working with Go4Growth

Chris Arnold, Head of Strategic Procurement and Contract Management for Barnsley Council, talks about a successful year of partnership and impact with Go4Growth

06 February 2023

Green Motion

Green Motion offers environmentally friendly green car leasing hire and rental across many areas in the UK, here, Green Motion Director Lucy Beasley talks about their main drivers for working with Go4Growth.

06 February 2023

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Events tailored to you


Navigating Public Sector Competitions - Legals (Terms and Conditions)

20 March 2024, 12:30 PM

At this third session we'll look at the terms and conditions, pulling out the main areas to focus on such as warranties/liabilities, cost increases, termination, IPR etc.

This session doesn't constitute legal advice but is guidance from a practitioners perspective.

We will look at standard goods and services contracts and will not cover SAAS (Software As A Service) or specific Construction Contracts such as NEC3


Navigating Public Sector Competitions - The Feedback Process

27 March 2024, 12:30 PM

At this final session, we'll look at the feedback process. After every public sector bid when the result of the tender is communicated to you, it should be accompanied by some feedback. In this session, we will go through examples of useful feedback and an overview of what you should expect to get or can ask for from the contracting authority. We will also chat about how to use feedback for future work. We'll also discuss what to do if you're not happy with either the outcome or process and where you can go to get support.

With the Procurement Act due to come into force in October 2024, we'll also showcase how feedback processes will change under the new regulations and what bidders can expect to get in the future.

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